The new Worldchanging book comes out today.

The new Worldchanging features a foreword by green jobs pioneer Van Jones, an introduction by 350 founder Bill McKibben and entries by scores of Worldchanging’s insightful thinkers, journalists and designers. It is optimistic, clear-headed, solutions-oriented; both visionary and practical. Worldchanging 2.0 is the definitive result of seven years of global solutions-based journalism. It’s a wild, ambitious, imperfect and energetic book, and the best summation of the Worldchanging project we knew how to create.

We need your help to get the word out, though! Please consider helping spread the word about Worldchanging 2.0:

1. Get and enjoy the book itself! Discover new solutions, explore new ideas, let the brilliance of the worldchanging people it covers inspire you.

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10. Most obviously, please buy a copy! It’s available now in the US, Canada and the UK

Thanks to everyone for your support and encouragement!