Talk Is Action

To act in a new way, we must first see in a new way. I suspect most of us understand this, and yet, nearly all of us consistently undervalue the tools of vision, while proclaiming the virtues of action.

Many circumstances arise in which action is not helpful, wise, or even good; yet our culture—particularly […]

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Help Us Make Carbon Zero one of the Top 100 Books on Amazon

Good news! Carbon Zero has broken into the top 10,000 best-selling books on Amazon. We’re doing a snap campaign today to see if we can push that up to the top 100 Kindle books. Please help us, by buying a copy today.

Why? Breaking into the Amazon 100 changes dramatically how Amazon promotes a book, […]

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TV Interview: The War on the Future

I did an interview with LinkTV in Sweden a couple months ago, discussing planetary thinking and the War on the Future:

It’s the best five-minute version of these ideas, yet.

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Introductory Letter 0.3

As I write this, a storm of never-before-seen magnitude is pushing a thirteen-foot high surge of water into the New York area. Elsewhere, destructive winds are raging, inches of rain falling, blizzards setting in. Though as I sit here in my kitchen drinking coffee there’s no clear word about loss of life, damages and […]

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Introductory Letter 0.2

There’s always the unsettling possibility that what we do matters.

It’s not a topic we talk much about and I have no window into the souls of others, but my suspicion remains that most of us find the idea that our actions might have genuinely serious and perhaps lasting effects to be a source of […]

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Introductory Letter 0.1

We are human beings, who live as part of a planet. These might sound like painfully obvious statements, but it behooves us not to gloss over either of these facts or the relationship between them.

The first fact, that we are human beings—homo sapiens—is essential to understanding every other fact, feeling or experience we […]

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Neighborhood Passive Survivability

(A piece I wrote back in 2006 that seems newly relevant in the wake of Sandy.)

The theory of passive survivability holds that buildings ought to be designed to promote the survival of their users during disasters and emergencies, and that quite often the steps needed to promote survivability are those needed to increase sustainability. […]

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Climate Patriotism

“Patriot (noun ˈpā-trē-ət, -ˌät): one who loves his or her country…” From the from the Ancient Greek πατριώτης (patriotēs, “of the same country.”)

To love our country, we must care about its future; and we can’t care about its future without taking into account the ways our nation’s actions today are shaping that future, and […]

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Density makes cities more affordable

In the middle of this piece on the transfer of development rights (a useful approach, in which a developer pays farmers not to develop their farms into subdivisions, and is given a height bonus in return by local government, allowing him or her to build a taller building), there sits this strange quote:

“Of course, […]

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Prior Art Conferences

I’ve long had a problem with patent trolls.

For those of you who haven’t encountered this species before, what they are is this: people who file patent claims on processes (usually in software) and then use those patents to extort money from people trying to create tools and services in related areas.


Let’s be clear […]

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