Good news! Carbon Zero has broken into the top 10,000 best-selling books on Amazon. We’re doing a snap campaign today to see if we can push that up to the top 100 Kindle books. Please help us, by buying a copy today.

Why? Breaking into the Amazon 100 changes dramatically how Amazon promotes a book, and leads to many, many more people seeing the book when they browse or search. Since the whole point of Carbon Zero is to get the word out about climate action and cities, this is a good thing!

The key to achieving this is simply a number of people buying the book on the same day. Today.

So, if you can, please go to Amazon right now and buy a copy (or two). Don’t have a Kindle or a smart phone? You can still buy a copy to give away (or even just buy one to show support for the project).

While you’re there, if you want to “like” the book, post it to Facebook and/or write a review, all of these would be really helpful as well.

Here’s a link to share:

Thank you!