After we solve our these enormous problems, what comes next?

The prize for solving the problems we now face will be to have more interesting problems to solve in the future.

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“Where You At?” 2013

Posted about this in 2004 on Worldchanging. Almost ten years later, I’m still pondering the question “What would an updated Bioregion Quiz look like now, and what media would it use?”

What would the quickest introduction to place-based systems thinking look like?


Jim Dodge & Co.’s “Where You At?” bioregional quiz is quite a classic (and […]

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The Future of Sustainable Cities Radio Interview

I had an absolutely lovely conversation with Angie Coiro the other day for her radio show, In Deep. We discussed the future of cities, how our ideas about sustainability are changing and what to be optimistic about.

You can listen here:

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All we need to know…

There is no elsewhere. There is no other. There is no end.

Get these straight and we’re already engaged in the first task of planetary thinking.

(Then the second task begins: remaking a world of human systems not built to fit these realities.)

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Help Us Make Carbon Zero one of the Top 100 Books on Amazon

Good news! Carbon Zero has broken into the top 10,000 best-selling books on Amazon. We’re doing a snap campaign today to see if we can push that up to the top 100 Kindle books. Please help us, by buying a copy today.

Why? Breaking into the Amazon 100 changes dramatically how Amazon promotes a book, […]

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Introductory Letter 0.3

As I write this, a storm of never-before-seen magnitude is pushing a thirteen-foot high surge of water into the New York area. Elsewhere, destructive winds are raging, inches of rain falling, blizzards setting in. Though as I sit here in my kitchen drinking coffee there’s no clear word about loss of life, damages and […]

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Introductory Letter 0.2

There’s always the unsettling possibility that what we do matters.

It’s not a topic we talk much about and I have no window into the souls of others, but my suspicion remains that most of us find the idea that our actions might have genuinely serious and perhaps lasting effects to be a source of […]

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Introductory Letter 0.1

We are human beings, who live as part of a planet. These might sound like painfully obvious statements, but it behooves us not to gloss over either of these facts or the relationship between them.

The first fact, that we are human beings—homo sapiens—is essential to understanding every other fact, feeling or experience we […]

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Limits and Brilliance

(Another essay from 2007 about our difficulties seeing the present through the lens of the past’s futures.)

We find ourselves, as I wrote a bit ago in an essay called The Empire of Crime, without a contemporary sense of our immediate surroundings or much of a model for a working future.

This lends an air […]

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Bigger on the inside than the outside…

A few notes on an idea:

Ethical behavior on a finite planet involves leaving as many of that planet’s systems functioning for future generations as possible.

Indeed, people in the future (many argue, +I agree) have a human right to inherit a livable world.

Debate in 20th C boiled down to dichotomy: no growth + respected limits, […]

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