Planetary Thinking


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For much of the last 40 years, trauma has been our business in the sustainability movement. One of the worst things we’ve done to the world is to saddle people (most especially lots and lots of young people) with the crushing imminence of a dying planet, and then to send them off alone into the darkness to cope as they will. We continue to do this. It’s wrong, and it’s also counterproductive.

With Planetary, our goal has become to not only show people why and how to think in planetary terms, but how to be whole with that knowledge. To give people the sense not only that these crises can be understood and grappled with (we all know that fear imagined is almost always much worse than realities made clear) but also that they don’t need to be borne alone; that we have allies everywhere, and good reason to temper our fear with optimism and courage.