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Here’s a select list of interviews, media and articles about my other work. (For regular updates, please follow me on Twitter at @AlexSteffen)

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EcoDistricts Summit: The City as Service [talk]

The Guardian: Unaffordable Cities


Dwell Magazine: Alex Steffen on Cities

Salon: Will de-extinction make us better conservationists?

Earth Island Journal: Conversation with Alex Steffen

Metropolis Magazine: Planet-savers: A new e-book by futurist Alex Steffen argues that cities are the key to environmental salvation

Bill Moyers: Alex Steffen on Carbon-Zero Cities


Interview on KPFA: Caroline Casey with Alex Steffen

Treehugger: Imagining Cities That Can Save The Planet: Alex Steffen Talks About Carbon Zero

The Atlantic: A Vision of a Carbon-Zero Urban Future: An Interview with Alex Steffen

Smithsonian: Innovators to Watch in 2012

Momentum: What would it take to make a city carbon neutral?

Foreign Policy: How to Save the Global Economy: Build Green Cities

MIT Press: The Reputation Society: Attention Philanthropy (Chapter in book)

Arcade: So You Want To Change The World? A Conversation with Alex Steffen


The Hidden Future of Cities (a talk I gave at the London School of Economics)

The New York Times: Alex Steffen, a Designing Optimist

Design Observer: Alex Steffen – “The big open secret about sustainability work is not how bad things are. It is how good things can get.”


The Sun Magazine: Bright Green City: Alex Steffen’s Optimistic Environmentalism (Cover Interview)

The New York Times: Farewell to a Great Web Effort at Worldchanging

KUOW-FM (NPR): A Carbon-Neutral Seattle

KUOW-FM (NPR): The Future of the Planet

KUOW-FM (NPR): Building a Planet With a Future Worldchanging, 2003-2010

Grist Magazine: Worldchanging’s Bright Green Contribution


The New York Times: The Business of Green

ABC News: Alex Steffen a primary source on ABC’s special, Earth 2100

Marketplace Radio: Reinventing Cities Critical to Solving Climate Change (Commentary)

GOOD Magazine: The GOOD 100: Alex Steffen

American Society of Landscape Architects: Leadership Needed from Architects and Designers

GOOD Magazine: The Fire this Time: Copenhagen and the War for the Future

EnlightenNext: Night, Hoover Dam (pdf)

GOOD Magazine: One Big Crisis

SEED Magazine: Will the Future be Geo-Engineered?
Smart City: Worldchanging

The Visionary Activist Show: Raven Rattle Radio


CBC’s Spark: Interview with host Nora Young

Business Week: Cities – A Smart Alternative to Cars (pdf)

CNN International films and airs a documentary about Alex Steffen and Worldchanging for its “Just Imagine” series: Interview

Entrevista: Verde Vivo (in Spanish) (pdf)
ReadyMade Mag: A Question for Worldchanger Alex Steffen (pdf)

Wired Magazine: Counterpoint: Dangers of Focusing Solely on Climate Change


The Guardian: Go Bright Green

New York Times Magazine: The Ecotecture Issue – Six Innovators: A Profile of Alex Steffen

The New York Times: Buying Into the Green Movement
PC Magazine: 100 Best Blogs

Time: The World’s Top Green Websites
Enlighten Magazine: A Brighter Shade of Green (Cover Story) (pdf)

The New York Times: Love it? Check the Label.


Wired Magazine: The Next Green Revolution: How technology is leading environmentalism out of the anti-business, anti-consumer wilderness

Audubon Magazine: Art of the Wild

Businessweek: Can Design Change the World?

San Francisco Chronicle: The Green revolution moves online

US News: Read this Guidebook


Grist: Grist’s Three-Part Interview with Alex Steffen