Everything I Know Lectures

In case you haven’t gotten enough Buckminster Fuller in your life, you can watch his “Everything I Know” lectures — all 42 hours of them — online. Bucky (though a man of a different age, with different “apparatus,” as he might say, than those alive today) undertook some of the earliest and most important explorations of planetary thinking.

“[W]hen people say that something is natural, “natural” is the way they found it when they checked into the picture, and this picture has been changing incredibly rapidly… That’s enough of what I’m saying to introduce the concept of there being very large pattern changes affecting the lives of human beings on board of our planet.”

He’s often hard to grasp, and sometimes irrelevant to present concerns, but also a true genius. I suggest just letting his lectures play, letting the words and concepts wash over you without worrying too much about total comprehension.