Forum for the Future: "Free your mind, and your future will follow"


Forum for the Future asked me to write the foreword for their annual book this year. You can read it here.

"The things we need to do are huge, and accomplishing them often feels impossible. We then become tempted to hope that smaller aims may somehow achieve our goals. They won’t. If what we need to do seems out of our reach, we must first become people who can reach farther. And to reach farther, we must first dream better. This begins with acts of comprehension and imagination.“Free your mind and your ass will follow”, George Clinton said. To become people who can do the extraordinary, we must first free our minds from broken ways of seeing the world. We must imagine solving the problems in front of us. There’s nothing airy or vague about willful imagination. Indeed, in a world partially paralyzed by cynicism and despair, optimistic imagination is a political act."

If you're interested in sustainability and business and don't know their work, it's well worth taking some time to check it out out.