“Haunting the city with visions of what it might be…”

Nice talk by Hannah Nicklin, about how we can use technology and art to “haunt” our cities, reclaiming them from the kind of digital commercial vampirism so many “smart city” initiatives foresee and hope to enable:

Smart as hell (this woman’s going places). Two especially good little chunks:

The Arts, she says, too often look at technology as a tool, not a material. “Art and technology should be like taking water and heat and producing something fundamentally different.” “The Arts need to embed themselves in the real world like a benevolent virus, haunting the city with visions of what it might be, and how we — not private interests — might use the city and its technologies.”

Warren Ellis: “[We’re] giving the gift of the digital city to our ruling classes”

[Photo from TEDxYork]