The Heroic Hour

We're in the final sprint! To make it over the finish line, we need to make sure everyone who wants to support this project hears about it. For them to hear about it, we need to ask you to help us make some noise. To make the loudest noise possible, we're asking everyone to come together to spread the word at the same time. Will you join us for one heroic hour?

Tuesday, March 15th, from 11:30am-12:30pm PST: that's when we need you to get loud about The Heroic Future

Here are five easy ways to help the #heroicfuture have a #heroichour on Tuesday:


1. Tweet, post, share on all of your favorite social media sites using the hashtag #heroicfuture and #heroichour.

The best outreach always comes from the heart, but we're all pressed for time, so if you need quick inspiration we've created some images (at the bottom of this post) for you to share. You also can use this text in your messages:

"We can't build what we can't imagine. Want to build a fantastic world? Join the #heroicfuture now! #heroichour" 

Every message of support will help us reach critical mass.


2. Tag 3 of your friends (or more!) who would be interested in The Heroic Future.

(For extra impact, consider emailing them personally.)

3. Retweet, re-share, re-post messages of support you see from your friends and colleagues.

Helping to magnify the voices of other supporters will help those voices become a chorus! You can find messages to amplify on our twitter and facebook accounts:

(Liking other people's messages both encourages the sender and helps spread the message.)

4. Share media coverage about The Heroic Future

Choose from any or all of these fantastic write-ups:

fastcompany-co-exist__(1).png- This Planetary Futurist Wants Us To Fundamentally Reimagine A Sustainable Future

Design-Intelligence.png- The Heroic Future

screen-shot-2016-02-23-at-11-4.png- Alex Steffen to try "reimagining the world of tomorrow in order to rebuild the world today."

screen-shot-2016-03-04-at-5-22.png- The Heroic Future: How Do We Imagine the Better World That We Need?


- Kickstarting performances and videos about a future where things get better

5. Invite your friends to the Facebook event.

The public Facebook event is here: Inviting your friends is easy! This is also a great place to follow for updates.