Oglivydo: The Future is not Real


Rebecca Davis of Oglivydo shared a set of pretty good notes from my SxSW talk on life after the death of futurism:

Talk of the future often centers on the idea that some things are changing. Our skills tend to obsolesce. We generally pick up worldviews from the skills we have, as well as news and stories. Very few of us consciously set out to build a worldview. This leaves us open to what Steffen calls the “future industrial complex.” This is the reality that some people are charged with changing our worldviews in a way that is advantageous to them, or to their companies or institutions.

Whenever you see someone’s vision for the future, it’s worth asking: “what is the purpose of the future I’m being shown? Who made this, and why?” Being “of the future” is—in our society—a tremendous claim to importance. This plays off of all of our ideas in the past.

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