Six things you can do to support The Heroic Future

1. Back the project!

There's still time to be a part of this worldchanging work. Buy tickets to the live events, or simply show your enthusiasm, here:

2. Invite your friends to join you as backers!

There are links to share the project on Twitter, Facebook, even Tumblr, directly from the Kickstarter page. Help us find our audience.

3. Invite your friends to the Facebook event!

The public Facebook event is here: Inviting your friends is easy! This is also a great place to follow for updates.

4. Share other people’s messages of support.

Retweet from @AlexSteffen’s timeline! This tweet from Bill McKibben would be a great place to start: Bill McKibben backs The Heroic Future

5. Share the media coverage about the project. 

Choose from any or all of these fantastic write-ups:

fastcompany-co-exist_.png- This Planetary Futurist Wants Us To Fundamentally Reimagine A Sustainable Future

Design-Intelligence.png- The Heroic Future

TreeHugger- Alex Steffen to try "reimagining the world of tomorrow in order to rebuild the world today."

Core77- The Heroic Future: How Do We Imagine the Better World That We Need?


- Kickstarting performances and videos about a future where things get better

6. Share one of these images.

Tell the world that you're ready for The Heroic Future!



Thank you!