An Update on The Heroic Future

This September (the 20th, 21st & 22nd) I’m performing a “live documentary,” The Heroic Future.

Having you there, in the audience, would be awesome. 

We’re putting together a great show. Three nights with a live audience to film a three-part documentary series—an incredible experience mixing spoken word narration, film, photography, music, sound and lights to take you on an epic adventure into the future, looking for stories that can help us answer three huge questions:

When are we? What can we do? Who do we choose to become?

The first night we’ll answer the question, “When are we?” Most of us now know where we are. We get that we live on an astonishing world, but that our Earth has limits. What fewer of us understand is that we live at the moment when our ability to ignore those limits has come to its end, and for the rest of our lives we’re going to be working to reshape a global society of ten billion people to fit within a small world, while fixing the damage done by the 20th century. Is success for humanity still possible? We’ll discover that it is, but that every successful future now demands heroic change.

On the second night we’ll ask, “What can we do?” We’ll explore our power to change, and discover just how heroic that power can be. We’ll range across the landscape of disruptive solutions we can now find all around us. We’ll come to see that while the challenges of our moment are huge, what we most lack are not the tools to build a better world, but the visions to guide our building.

The third night we ask “Who do we choose to become?” We look at the stories about the future that surround us, and see the need for new stories that illuminate the world we want for our children. Then we embark on the adventure of imagining the heroic future humanity needs.

In short, when I take the stage, I will give you what 25 years of travels, research, and hard thinking have shown me about the world and its future. This is the best work I’ve ever done.

To join for any or all of the three nights, all you (or your guests) have to do is back the Heroic Future on Kickstarter at any level of $100 or more. For about the price of dinner for two at a good restaurant in the Bay Area, you and your friends and colleagues could be part of an innovative, worldchanging, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Your help creating this series will make or break us. We’re a small team working hard to tell a big story. If we can fill the theater, we can make this series. 

If we can make this series, we can distribute it globally, reaching millions. Since humanity can’t build what we can’t imagine, millions of people getting the opportunity to imagine a thriving, prosperous, sustainable world is a powerful step towards our children actually living in that world.

We can’t do it without you. A full theater is the difference between sharing new stories of the human future… and silence.

Our campaign ends Thursday, March 17th at 11pm PST. Please back the project now: