Want to succeed? Think big & think ahead.

Your success now demands a planetary perspective. Every aspect of business, philanthropy, advocacy and governance is being rapidly transformed by the planetary crisis we face and the shockwaves its sending through our economy and societies. Entire industries are finding their futures suddenly transformed. Expertise has an increasingly short half-life. Worldviews require constant updating. Opportunities emerge unexpectedly from the very scope, scale and speed of the changes demanded of us.

Alex uses his expertise in planetary futurism to take this confusing, complex situation and work it into a set of tools for strategy and innovation. He can help you develop these tools to discover new opportunities, critical insights and the skills for the months, years, and decades ahead.

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"Alex Steffen delivers foresight that's powerful even for professional futurists. His ability to envision the underlying structures of change brings clarity, purpose and inspiration out of the fog of future possibilities." 

–James Goodman, Director of Futures, Forum for the Future

"When CEOs want to navigate the world's mega-challenges and prepare for a volatile world, they look to business strategists like me. And when business strategists want to challenge and hone their own thinking about what the future will look like, we look to Alex Steffen."

–Andrew Winston, environmental strategist
Author of The Big Pivot and Green to Gold

"Alex Steffen is one of the most insightful futurists on our struggling planet.  He brings compelling and wide-ranging ideas about staying relevant and he is alert to new opportunities.  He synthesizes what is known, what the new trends are on the horizon—a terrific intellect  offering up deep and thoughtful considerations critical to modern leadership success."

–James P. Cramer, Chairman, Design Futures Council